Architectural Design

Good architectural design and project combine aesthetics, functionality, compliance with legal frames and budgets.

We all have a vision of how we would like our living space to be. Whether you are planning to build a family house, public or business building, or residential villa for vacation rental, the first step towards achieving your vision is conceptual design..

The “Kreiranje” team approaches to the phase of creating conceptual design thoroughly, because we believe that good planning is the basis for getting a project which will meet the investor’s expectations. When creating conceptual design, we consider the investor’s needs, define the project task, and examine the options and legal requirements for construction/reconstruction at the required locations.

When defining conceptual design, our services include the complete elaboration of project documentation (main and detailed design) which are required for obtaining building permits and starting the construction.

We offer a service of Project Management and Supervision on the Construction Site.

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