Every project starts with an impossible idea, which in convergence with creativity and expertise, yields excellent result.


Good architectural design and project combine aesthetics, functionality, compliance with legal frames and budgets. We all have a vision of how we would like our living space to be. Whether you are planning to build a family house, public or business building, or residential villa for vacation rental, the first step towards achieving your vision is conceptual design.



Although the supervision on the construction site during construction is a legally binding obligation, the supervising engineer is the key person in protecting investors’ interests in relation to contractors. Quality expert supervisor is one of the most important participants in construction. In a professional sense, a conscientious and responsible behaviour of the supervising engineers is the basis for quality construction and subsequent uninterrupted use of the building.



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Designing in protected cultural zones

Works on cultural heritage buildings, as there are many of them in Croatia, are subject to special regulations and procedures, including the opinion and guidelines of a conservator. The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia has licensed “Kreiranje” as a certified company for managing projects on immovable cultural property.

Condominium subdivision and property legalization

The Kreiranje Project team offers a service of preparation of documents required for the legalization of your real estate, along with analysis of spatial and legal possibilities of upgrading, reconstruction or making annexes to your real estate. We also create condominium subdivision plans by which condominium ownership is defined over a specific part of building, apartment or a business space and pertaining facilities.


Creation of conceptual designs for occasional events

To our clients we offer drafting of conceptual designs for interiors of different kinds of commercial events and manifestations (fairs, festivals, exhibitions) and scientific/expert meetings (conferences, lectures, presentations). We cooperate marketing and PR specialists, so the messages from your event can find the best and the fastest way to those to whom they refer to and to be conveyed in right way, just as you’ve planned. We offer marketing strategy for both regular and periodic public events.

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