Here we are bringing 10 questions that you should pose before starting with constructing, to make sure who is the best architect for your project, and to avoid unnecessary costs

A certified architect is a multidisciplinary expert who designs and renovates your new real estate – old family house – takes care of aesthetics and functionality of the space, as well as your budget. A part of his/her work is to know and understand various details, products and technologies in the field of construction and design. This requires years of experience and constant education which one architect needs to have, and that are relevant for your project.

To find out who is the right architect for your project, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you like our work? Take a lot at designing and implementation of different types of projects by categories: villa, family house, apartment and residential building, public, business or tourist facility or premise, nautical camp, port or beach.
  2. Express your aesthetic/stylistic, functional, price and visual preferences and ask for examples that match your criteria. The architect has to know them to make a real project for you.
  3. Look at the architect’s references, what and with whom he worked so far. They can tell you a lot about the experience and reputation the architect has in designing.
  4. Ask how much of the Kreiranje architect’s work comes from repeat clients
  5. Ask for an appointment with the architect to determine whether you are on the same ‘wavelength’ because, construction is a long and complex process where unpredictable situations can occur.
  6. Ask the architect of Kreiranje if he has worked at the location of your property, if he is familiar with spatial planned documentation and its characteristics and possible peculiarities?
  7. If you feel that your case is a special case, ask the architect if he has experience with such situations. Usually, those are the buildings in protected zones or works on buildings that are protected as cultural heritage, and for which Kreiranje has licence and experience!
  8. Do you have any special requirements for your property in regard to energy efficiency? Ask the architect for information. Kreiranje team is a holder of the Green Building certificate!
  9. Ask what are the services that architect offers? Feel free to ask for answers to these questions:

Arhitekt treba utvrditi kakav se projekt na parceli može napraviti– what can be done on such terrain,

– analysis of spatial-planning possibilities,

– preparation of project documentation for obtaining the building permit,

– 3D visualisation of your property,

– supervision of the execution of works,

– when the construction will be completed,

– how much the construction will cost and where possible savings can be done?

  1. An old saying says: ‘You get what you pay for’. It is necessary to define all the services the Kreiranje team offers. Giving up of the various services just to save money can be risky for the owner and cost him more money and nerves.

Keep this in mind: The architect is your representative in construction process and supervises the contractors by taking care of the realization of project solutions and savings to your budget. The architect is on your side.

Tips from those who have experience in building or renovating residential objects without architect

Finally, tips from those who have already built or renovated a facility. There are three things they would never (ever) do again:

  1. Going into construction/reconstruction without a certified architect.
  2. They would never again work on ‘do-it-yourself’ principle or with a group of many different contractors. Instead, they would hire a company for the ‘turnkey’ system.
  3. If you are not present or do not live near the construction site, you should have your man at the site to supervise the contractors.

Contact us and you will find the answers to your questions about planning, designing, supervision and construction of your real estate!