When you are planning to redecorate your living space – apartment, family house or a weekend house, only the architect can give you the right advice! Only this way you can avoid unnecessary additional expenses when the contractors come and start with works!

The plan and provide expert answers to such questions. For example, will some of the conceived solutions function in practice, or will they be a source of new frustrations? Problems of this kind can easily escalate and multiply the budget in the middle of the construction process due to, e.g. old and damaged electrical or plumbing installations that require replacement. You should think carefully even about demolishing walls of your flat, family house or weekend house. You should know if a wall is bearing or just a partition one, because not knowing that can be harmful for both people and property.

Rekonstrukcija starog stana

Makeover – before and after

There are many examples of concealed problems and costs. We are not trying to scare you, but to inform you that you should think thoroughly of what kind of flat, family house or weekend house you want, in which deadline and for how much money. As an old saying says ‘One stitch in time saves nine!’ Only expertly designed and implemented architectural project , along with supervision of the certified architect during reconstruction works, will guarantee that you will get what you paid for. And with that: a quiet sleep in your living space.

Architect advises: Build with quality and save on less important elements

It is well known that for the construction or reconstruction of a flat or a house we need money, but with little skill, we can achieve significant savings. That is why it is important to take these facts into consideration when designing and planning. For example, it is not advisable to save on floors quality, whether they are wood, ceramics or of some other materials, because they are the basis that is supposed to last long and endure stylistic changes in furniture. A man should not save on good lighting, too, because the lighting contributes to the ambience of the environment, and is not negligible from aesthetic point of view. Finally, it is not advisable to save on kitchen appliances. They have to be of good quality, performance and to be energetically efficient, i.e. energy saving. As for the furniture, a man should also choose the quality, not the price of sitting sets and mattresses.

The real savings can be achieved on details and accompanying contents, such as door handles, wardrobes or kitchen elements, curtains or bathroom elements. In this sector, at the market there is a large selection of good quality elements that are relatively cheaper than those more renowned, designer ones.